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a flag upside hospital for one of their own tonight a veteran firefighter killed after battling a house fire on the city's south side and another remains hospitalized tonight. it is our top story seen around the country tonight 55 year-old herbert johnson loses his life list and two hours ago at the university of chicago hospital. >> it's very difficult to see them like this on a night when
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you have the painful experience of seeing grown men cry. they are here to pay their respects and to hear stories about the firemen, everybody knew it and everybody liked. before we officially heard the news the horrified expressions of other fire fighters and family members arriving at the unc hospital said it all e. r. doctors had done the best that they could but the outcome would be bad in fact the worst possible. working out to put out the fire in the attic quickly removed and transported to the university of chicago hospital after suffering burns he suffered cardiac arrest... >> the tool 11 alarm came in
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just after 5 flames that started in the attic quickly spreading through this two and a half story cage park home, in a day went out a short time later as ems planned one was called immediately sending six ambulances to the seed the first report was of a firefighter trapped he was found in the the mayday call don, two firemen were transported one with smoke inhalation to advocate christ medical center in oak lawn the other badly burned, to the u f c they may have been caught in a flash over what we know from the movies as a backdraft and which a portion of the building exposed to fresh air suddenly burst into flames while doctors worked at him on the usc the fallen firefighter konrad back at his fire all waited anxiously for good news that never came. and i think you could hear in everybody's voice this doesn't
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happen to herbie, this is not what happened iturbi now we have to think of the family and the kids and everybody whose life he touched because they got a chance to know kirby. >>herbie. >> he leaves behind his wife, a son and two daughters. the cost of the fire in cage park remains under investigation. the or read teenager who was driving the car that crashed and killed another team has been charged as an adult with felony reckless homicide the crash on october the 23rd took the lives of this 13 year-old devon meadows of aurora the chargers accused him of taking his father's car for a
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joyride with the victim, meadows was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown from the car killed when a question to way home in the early morning hours. tonight 200 people joining and a candlelight pitcher for two people murdered in naperville. this community as grieving collectively and trying to figure out what they can do to help. naperville residents denied gathering around priorate and candlelight after a tragedy that struck this community and the hard to naperville does care about each other and they do gather together in one accord. >> charged with stabbing to children to death her seven year-old son justin into the five-year old girl she was babysitting, olivia, she
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reportedly was visiting a confessional before the stabbing she changed her story several times essentially admitting that she killed her son to get back at her husband today a new judge was assigned to the case it's unclear why her attorneys asked for the substitution and put the motion did request that judge george b. not assigned to the case, he presided to the trial of maryland lee mack convicted of killing her three children in naperville back in 1999. >> it absolutely has been a shock and most everyone and even people who have been in direct contact with the children are devastated by this tragedy. >> especially children who were trying to understand the loss. there's a lot of people here and
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it just feels comforting hand that it's ok to be sad. dr. janice kowalski a child psychiatrist at the hospital says the most important things parents can do is listen and reassure. i was assured that this is a very isolated incident, this is not something that occurs regularly and that most people in the world are good people who love children. a memorial fund has been set up for oblivious family you can drop off donations at any bank and trust. >> chicago residents hospitalized in stable condition tonight the second case of long ball meningitis diagnosed in illinois tied to the survey steroid injection from a
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pharmacy in massachusetts they reported the new case today nationally 29 people have died in the phone call meningitis outbreak to know when clint pounding center have recalled all of their products and the license was suspended last month. a veteran firefighter released on bond after charged with sexually abusing a girl under the age of 13, the unidentified victim told authorities that the 41 year-old donald had inappropriate conduct with her in 2005, he was a 13 year veteran of the fire department into the chief says the man was placed on paid leave but the status could change as authorities learn more about this case he was released on $50,000 bail. chicago teachers took to the streets again today this time to protest the delay of announcement of school closings. the new head of cbs barbara byrd pennant plans to
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ask the state legislature for more time, state law requires any changes must be submitted by december the first but the teachers' union says the only announcement that is acceptable is no school closings. >> it has only led to an increase in a racial achievement gap. >> we have a financial deficit >> teachers and community activists want studies done to consider the impact school closings would have on various communities. plans for a marathon in new york city this week scrapped amid growing criticism. gov quinn defending his pick, what he says the new head of the illinois sports facilities authority is up for the job.
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quite a difference a day makes earlier today in new york city mayor michael bloomberg insisted the marathon would take place in his city by
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sunday and by tonight his office announced that the race was completely off after coming under harsh criticism since so many people are still suffering from the aftermath of sandy, we have more from new york. >> president obama is calling for the country to come together. you can only imagine what families are going through right now. the state of new york is pledging $100 million for relief efforts. we are also beginning to transition to the reconstruction phase he is showing his frustration with utility companies. i want accountability and i want performance he says the storm was worse than anyone expected
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rescue operations continue for days after sandy. in the hardest-hit areas tempers are running high. >> we are going to die you don't understand. >> new york senator met this woman while visiting a waterlog the neighborhood in s.i.. >> it's killing me what these people have to go through. >> the wafer gasoline can be agonizing. i think it's a shame what is happening. some residents are returning home getting their first glimpse at the damage. sandy could be one of the nation's costliest disasters ever with an economic impact estimated to be as high as $50 billion. with the gas
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shortages and the long lines we have seen at gas stations some good news, new york's governor says that millions of gallons of gas have made its way to newburg new york. >> governor quinn defense's decision to fund a a former spokesperson, kelly craft is the new ceo of the sports authority that owns and operates u.s. cellular field she has been called on qualified because she filed for bankruptcy three years ago but kraft says that was a personal matter that doesn't reflect on her ability as a ceo, >> i absolutely do think she is qualified i think we resolved that issue yesterday the board voted for their executive director now we move on i look forward to working with mayor emanuel on all kinds of important issues. >> she starts her new job next
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week. >> he was kicked out of the illinois house now he is trying to get his job back tuesday derrick smith talked with wgn about new charges against him. >> ohio, ohio. the latest unemployment numbers released just days before the election. what do you think of the numbers? let's talk about them. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen®. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat
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>> is largely avoided the media since being arrested last spring on federal bribery charges but
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derrick smith is giving his side of the story to wgn responding to another new report against him. he runs for his old seat against the democratic machine now. >> the former state rep doesn't dispute the new report that during his term with the city he was fired from streets and sanitation do to shake down allegations. >> i was the one that was let go as a result of allegations which they had on other individuals and it wasn't actually anything i did. no criminal charges resulted but democratic leaders say it's systematic of a problem that have dogged derrick smith. >> expelled from the general assembly 100 of his colleagues voted against him... >> jesse whitey and other top democrats rallying behind
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smith's opponent attorney lance tyson the former mayoral aide to richard daley and public finance specialist is a lifelong democrat but he is forced to run as a unity party can of it. i am a true democrat here before the choice and the choices of my opponent the democratic party wouldn't have had a creative brandon to run against this guy. i strongly support lee as tyson for state rep. he is a representative of the community and understands that the best way to help people is to do it in a positive way where folks band together. walter burnett is among the many democratic voices calling for smith to step aside. i love him like a brother but just like in many other cases he is wrong when we came out to support him to win in the primary it was just to save the
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sea for someone else to run. i don't have any way to substantiate that, they don't have any way to substantiate that it derrick said he didn't do it, i believe him. he said there was never any deal and it's a full power grab. derek smith says walter burnett and others haven't wrong. that's the alderman's opinion and everyone has their opinion but as i talked to constituents on a daily basis the constituents want me to stay in the race the ousted state reps say that people in the 10th district are encouraging him despite the federal indictment hanging over his head. what do say to people in the 10th district that listen to that recording that federal recording, would you say to them the perception that you took money?
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>> i haven't had my day in court and i'm looking forward to having that day in court i have been talking to my attorneys and telling them we have to get this out of the way so that i can clear my name. coming up in medical watch new technology making breast cancer detection more accurate and giving patients peace of mind. a two- time breast cancer survivor inter family turning her medical setbacks into an opportunity to help others.
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>> in tonight's medical watch taking radiologists eyes into deeper territory new technology boost two dimensional images into 3 d giving doctors a
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clearer view and patients more peace of mind. the traditional mammogram has been the gold standard because it's very good at detecting calcifications of the early stages of cancer. and can spot not jewels that a woman may not feel oneself exams, but still some patients pose a challenge to radiologists, and there is extra tissue a lesion could easily be hiding in there. like repairs this radiologist relies on conventional digital images which provide a simple projection at a single depth and now she is wearing in a new technology, three d sentencesdimensional tomo synthesis. in a single swoop on the arm of the machine captures not one but multiple pitcher's at varying depths next
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computer software stacks the images each in a 1 mm slice of tissue then radiologist saw scroll through the layers. the reason that they come into very good focus is because you don't have the tissue behind it or the tissues i had a bit obscure it get she uses the technology as a supplement to conventional digital mammography side-by-side the skids don't look dramatically different the difference is in the definition you automatically lean towards a more benign galore in on cancer is diagnosisor non cancer is diagnosis. that's the goal of three- dimensional imaging to reduce the need for biopsy and tests
9:27 pm
that cause anxiety for patients, she says that the technology is promising. 3d breast imaging does cost about $100 more than standard mammography and not all insurance companies cover the new technology if you would like to learn more about you can watch our web site. tom skilling says we are in for more of the same this weekend's but we will see one last warmup in our future.
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>> here is this a shot from 31st and lake shore drive that he took at 3:00 and a gorgeous polestar sunrise from rosewood beach highland park illinois but we thought we would go up to lake superior this time we have
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seen these images who is a meteorologist and she is one of our former intern's and look at these shots from dust and both of the waves on lake superior and the snow dustin tells us he is already tired of the snow but you have a long winter ahead of you because it's only starting beautiful shots though. the first signs that the light northeast wind and a 25 degree temperature drop you need a 15 degree drops so that clouds conform. in a month that is almost 11 degrees cooler than november last year we are averaging 42.5 degrees. today for instance we have a high of 48. but we have averaged about 5
9:32 pm
degrees below normal. look at these temperatures down in texas and oklahoma while the child grows up to the northeast part of the reason for that and these are current temperatures look at the temperatures to the north with local sub zero readings in recent days. on the other hand look at the temperatures in texas today dallas was 87, vicksburg mississippi 87 degrees. we already have 30 is going out in the western suburbs. enough to produce an
9:33 pm
occasional sprinkel and 70 percent humidity. light winds all across the area. another view of the beautiful day on the southern suburbs and here is a shot out west in dekalb today. don't lose sight of the fact despite the fact that we are cool. we have an average of six of those and over half years have produced 70 degree temperatures we may get that next weekend as a brief but strong warmup comes in at that time but for the moment we are tracking snow. here are a couple of disturbances in that boundary. we are getting some radar returns southbound. there
9:34 pm
is a wave coming through the area but this will start sharpening up as the rich los upstream. this energy goes down to the gulf into swings up the east coast. these two lows are tracking east southeast word. here is where the snow will accumulate tonight, so much so there is even asan advisory there.
9:35 pm
tomorrow there will be some warm air trying to get up in southern illinois but it will only be in the 40's. election day ought to be quiet in these parts may be a shower late in the day but a good day to get out and vote. on the east coast entirely different story. low temperatures 37 tonight and then tomorrow mostly cloudy and cool normal highs are in the mid '50s but we will settle for 50 tomorrow. mostly cloudy tomorrow
9:36 pm
night. and then the clocks go back an hour saturday night. >> coming up just a few more days to convince a small slice of undecided voters where both candidates for president are spending their final days and a selfless act from local families after receiving grim news of a second cancer diagnosis.
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visit today. the presidential candidates are focused on the end games in the midwest swing state mr. romney revved up and ohio crowd again telling them they would most likely pick the next president the republican nominee claimed that president barack obama has failed to live up to his promises and said that his business experience will bring faster economic growth. early in
9:40 pm
wisconsin home state running mate one said he would do a better job than the president of reason across party lines to end gridlock in congress in ohio president barack obama touted upbeat jobs numbers and also listed his foreign policy successes and the recovery of the auto industry. the american auto industry is back on top the war in afghanistan is ending al al-qaeda has been decimated. the president holds a slight lead in most battleground states and is expected to make one more stop in most of those states including florida and new hampshire and colorado and nevada. romney will visit many of the same states the
9:41 pm
final jobs report is largely positive. employers added 171,000 new jobs beating analysts' expectations. experts say it will improve the job market with more people trying to find jobs. early gains from the jobs report on wall street fizzled, they each lost 1%. just one more day left for early voting in chicago suburbs if you haven't registered to vote you can do so tomorrow you have to go in person to the chicago election board. between 9 and 5. and you will have to vote on the spot. a thoughtful family who is chicagos very own. trade winds blowing through chicago's north side rich king has details later
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been touched by
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cancer in some way and we know just how hopeless and out-of- control a diagnosis can make a person philfield. one mother started selflessly started thoughtful thursdays. kimberly to which willwill carefully and thoughtfully teach them to make these steps. >> she's trying to make a difference and a really really difficult time in her life and it's so selfless. when kimberly was diagnosed with cancer for the second time she knew she had to do something to help her children cope with her illness. the whole concept came down to
9:46 pm
me wanting them to be distracted so my son wanted this project to move forward and it really flourished. they need the blankets to make them feel better and help them get through. >> the very first play get them a together carefully wrapped around a young woman who was so sick from the disease she could barely raise her head to thank her. i knew that i had comforted her into one week later i received a letter in the mail that said thank you so much for this blanket and kathy is laying here so content under your blanket and even matches her fingernails to, thank you kelly and tyler for your thoughtfulness and at that moment i knew that not only did we do something so amazing but the feeling and return was
9:47 pm
priceless. so carefully enter kids started making into giving away more blankets they now designate every thursday as thoughtful thursday the time per them to do something thoughtful and compassionate for others. i never would have imagined this day but now i realize that it will have to continue because there are so many other ways to continue helping people. this thursday kimberly and her kids are teaching the classmates how to make the blankets of fleece for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. i think we're doing something that many of us if we were in the same situation may be wouldn't take the time to reach out and do. kimberly jewett she is one of chicago's very own. there may
9:48 pm
be a struggle or to every now and then there is our clout forecast by tomorrow morning you see we have pretty cloudy skies. there is sunday morning with the winds blowing in off of the lake. these are low temperatures and you can see how we are cooling off seasonably right there pretty chilly, the next 10 days keeps us cool. a big dip developed in the jet stream out west and a huge
9:49 pm
storm develops that brings sprang up like warmth next weekend. you will see the clouds come across the gulf of alaska and here is one of the models. right after election day next week mid atlantic and new
9:50 pm
england could get in on real action and that is not good news but this is the weekend we turn the clocks back sunday morning. not bad for election day and we could see a near 70 degree temperature beyond this day so it's not unheard of. >> the bulls face their first road test this evening highlights from cleveland. and more bad news for nhl fans as cancellations continue. next in
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tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ mom ] that's my tide what's yours? >> you need derrick rose to get to the promised land eventually. >> one of the couple's first ever games of the season was in cleveland and they so easily resembled a scrimmage between
9:54 pm
the outcast cavaliers they are now to end zero. he gets the ball to rep hamilton takes it all the way coast-to-coast for the hoop and the foul. carlos gets the swipe. the bulls led 60-35 at the half, the bulls shot an amazing 63% and a day when 115-86. they win 116-86. more
9:55 pm
depressing news for hockey fans, they canceled the january 1st winter classic games. detroit having schedule to play toronto but the game is of and it continues with no end in sight-they are eight. 0. and 0. there are no easy games. you start to worry about how you will handle success so this is not a first of a conversation with our football team, they have handled success early in the season, they understand that if ithey don't prepare the right way, there will be... >> the bears open for
9:56 pm
improvement on third-down plays j. cutler saying that the key is making sure you don't have... tough talk reese hang >> we have to get better early on in the first half. we are not going to make a living coming back in the fourth quarter and trying to... >> they extend their lead on the power play right here. the final was 6-3 back in baseball the white sox and cubs convention
9:57 pm
weekend passes go on sale next week. they're scheduled to play doubles tomorrow. mel for >> that is the news for this friday night. don't forget updates on [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts which
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